by Bad Coke

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tbsdrummer fuck yeah! a satisfying blend that doesnt leave that stale aftertaste
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released June 27, 2014

Austin Haines - Mixing/Mastering
Jon Fregapane - Recording
Rachel Truskolawski - Album Art



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Bad Coke Delaware

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Track Name: Tough Guy
In your room in front of your mirror
The night before the show
Practicing all of your moves
To the hardest songs that you know

Swing at the crowd
Show off your spin kicks
Prove yourself to be
The toughest in the pit

Fuck you tough guy

You look like a fool
At every fucking show
One day you'll get yours
Get knocked out by somebody you don't know
Track Name: Pocket Lint
Hit the air
Swing your kicks
Last one here is the king of the pit
Think your tough
Talk your shit
Last one here is the king of the pit

Wrap it up
Let me see your pretzel mosh
Wrap it up
You said you're a pretzel head
Wrap it up
Come on let's destroy the pit
Wrap it up
Cross your legs do this shit
Track Name: Knowledge Is Power
You don't understand
Track Name: No Rules
You're not scaring me at all,
Take your badge and fuck right off
Stare us down all you want
You can't tell us what to do

Try to fucking stop us
You'll never slow us down
You want a fight
Bring it on.

No Fucking Rules.
Track Name: You're Cut
Chasing a scene,
Changing your ways.
Trade your true friends for a role that you play

Turn your back and see how fast
It catches up to you

You're cut.
Track Name: Activist? (Ft. Buff)
Parading around
Preaching like a tool
Only defending rights that tumblr says are cool
You're a PC pussy
You stand for no cause
So sit the fuck down
And grow some balls

You think you got that hard style
With all that grease in your hair
You think you're so wild
But you'll always be a square